Omega Support Group prides itself on three principal values whilst ensuring the Disability Service Standards are met. The principal values are, Assisting, Developing and Creating. Omega Support Group provides an exceptional service in the community for people living with an intellectual, physical, learning disability and mental health diagnosis.


Omega Support Group is committed to providing all types of assistance depending on the person’s needs; from a range of lower level assistance/support to higher needs. Support staff are trained to offer the appropriate level of assistance, whilst providing ample opportunities to improve or develop the individuals’ skills and abilities. We believe everyone should have the highest possible quality of life; our support staff are committed to offering assistance with community access, individual support, holiday options, maintaining relationships, sourcing services and personal care.


Omega Support Group believes everyone has goals they desire to achieve. Some people require support to achieve their goals. Our staff can provide enough support to clients without removing independency. Action plans are developed   in consultation with the client to work towards their goal. Support staff continue to provide and offer support from the beginning to the end.


Even though skills may have been improved or developed, support staff will continue to assist the client with their self-confidence and self-esteem to further on their achievements.

New opportunities and goals are continuously encouraged by support staff, this is to enable the client to feel self-worth, valued, self-empowered; further fostering inclusion and participation in the community.