It is rare in the area of disability support that an organisation not only says they put clients first but actually does. Omega then is such an organisation. We have been with Omega for 3 years now and we find their caring approach, interested attitude and empathetic outlook one which allows us to have full confidence in this organisation. Fiona and Lee go to extreme lengths to fit carers to clients which is a far cry from some other services which simply fill in shifts. The excellent standard of carers is reflective of the amount of time that is spent matching a client to a carer. Feedback is sought often from the Omega service to make sure all is going well. The booking system works very well as does the invoicing to families. The strength of Omega lies in the personal touch from the executive team to the wonderful carers. Nothing is too much trouble and the Omega team are contactable at all times. The client is placed first and this is obvious from “Meet and Greet” sessions through to carer placement. No better recommendation can be made than to say that our son is always in good hands with Omega.

Keith Wilkinson

Keith Wilkinson

As a parent of a teenager with Autism with very limited communication, we have been using respite services for many years, unfortunately we have had some of the most terrible experiences you could imagine, over the years, these have ranged from support workers who have taken my son to a second job whilst supposedly providing care for him, to support agencies charging for hours that they never provided care for and being totally dishonest in general.

Many government based funding organizations mean well, however they also are mislead by Support agencies who promise the world yet under deliver miserably. Everyone these days tends to look at the quantity of results rather than the qualitative outcomes. This is where Omega Support differs; they cater for the client, involve the parents, and liaise with the funding organisations that are so vital to ongoing care for the disabled in our community.

Omega also follow up on their support provided, they are genuine to get feedback on their performance in an effort to continually improve the services they provide. At Omega they customise the support they provide because they actually care about the outcomes for the client and also the genuine respite they can provide for the family.

As a parent of a child with a disability, I have no hesitation in recommending Omega for support services, they can be trusted with our children and are extremely reliable and above all else, they actually care.

Gerrard Parkinson

Gerrard Parkinson

Omega came to us in December 2011. The first Carer started and together we learnt how to take care of Gem’s new tracheotomy and PEG/PEJ. How to do feeds, deep throat suction and tracheotomy suctioning. She was a god send.

We soon worked with another Carer and together we worked as a team. Both carers showed professionalism but more importantly, they treated Gem with compassion and love. They kept her entertained and kept her spirits up. At the same time, they were taking care of me, making sure I got the rest I so needed. I have another Carer now as well who has such attention to detail and real concern for Gem’s health and well-being. Until 2011 the only people I ever trusted to leave Gem alone with were the staff at school. I must say that the carers from Omega have not only been so great that I have been able to leave Gem with them with no fear or concern but they have become part of the family.

Annette Zizza

Annette ZizzaParent

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