Residential Staff

Looking for residential staff in an emergency situation?

Omega Support Group has over 100+ casual staff that can fill your staffing shortage. Whether this be in an emergency situation or you want an advance booking Omega Support Group are happy to help.

Omega Support Group operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round and we can be contacted any time of the day/night through our Oncall service. Omega Support Group provides staff across Victoria.

Omega Support Group has experienced staff who have met our strict selection criteria prior to starting employment. We have both male and female staff with extensive knowledge and experience working in residential settings. Our staff are experienced in supporting people with a range of disabilities including people with Behaviours of Concerns (BOC) and following Behavioural Support Plans (BSP’s) whilst ensuring at all times the person’s needs are being met.

If you require an experienced staff please contact our management team to find out more how Omega Support Group can help or alternatively you can email your enquiry to and a member of our management team will contact you within the day of receiving your enquiry.