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Omega Support Group originated in 2005 when Lee Zammit had been working in the Disability industry since 2000 where he was employed by various disability organisations across Tasmania. Lee decided to relocate to Melbourne in 2005, continuing to work in the disability industry. Whilst working for the larger organisations, Lee identified the need for a more personalised approach which appeared to be lacking within the industry. Lee felt there were families and service providers left uninformed and constant staffing issues pervading clients’ lives. Lee’s vision was to manage a small support service that primarily focussed on providing quality staff not quantity of staff, ensuring compatibility of staff to individual needs was met at all times, the recruitment of staff focused on suitable trained and experienced staff and consistency of staff was vital for ongoing clients requiring support. Omega Support Group was designed to address the needs of people – not the needs of a business;

In 2005 Lee became the sole proprietor of Zammit Support Services where Lee initially supported a handful of individual cases himself, and then in 2008 the business expanded into a company trading as Omega Support Group. Lee employed experienced staff who were committed and enthused to work towards Lee’s vision of providing a quality service. In 2012 Lee employed Fiona Loschiavo as the General Manager. Fiona brought over 20 years’ experience managing and working in the disability industry. Together with Lee and Fiona having over 30+ years of combined experience and committed staff Omega Support Group’s name quickly was recognised as a provider who is provides a quality service focusing on matching staff to individual’s ensuring their needs are met and not allocating staff to just have a shift filled as we do believe this is unfair for the client, staff, service providers, families and carers as it sets people up to fail.

Omega Support Group provides services across all areas of Melbourne metropolitan regions to suit a variety of client needs, including: Community Access, skill development (Link to Community Access), emergency and crisis assistance, respite care, Residential staff (Link to Relief Staff, Residential staff and Respite Care), In Home Support, personal care (Link to In Home Support). Omega Support Group operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round and can be contacted anytime of the day/night through our Oncall service. (Contact us link directly to phone number).


Assisting • Developing • Creating

Omega Support Group prides itself on 3 main values while ensuring the disability service standards are met. The 3 main values are, assisting, developing and creating. We provide an exceptional service to the community for people with a disability.

  1. Assisting Omega support Group is committed to providing all types of assistance depending on the person’s needs from a range of lower level of assistance/support to a higher level. Support staff from Omega Support Group will give enough assistance as required to ensure the person isn’t deskilled and have ample opportunities to improve/ develop. We believe everyone should have the highest quality of life possible, our support staff are committed to offering assistance with community access, relationships, finding services and personal care.
  2. Developing We believe everyone has goals that they would aspire to achieve; provided these are realistic goals (so we avoid the risk of setting people up to fail) we will strive to assist people with achieving those goals. From the beginning, once an achievable goal is established, support staff will assist people and will recognise the steps to take towards achieving that goal.
  3. Creating Once skills have improved or developed, support staff members have created new opportunities for the person by assisting them to gain that confidence and skills to put to good use in the community whether it will be towards employment or achieving goals that have been set by the person.

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