Community Access

Omega Support Group has staff available that have experience in providing support in a number of support requirements; one being community access.

Community access can mean a number of things from experiencing outdoors, kicking the football, learning independency skills, travel training, accessing a shopping centre to joining a community gardening group.

If you require an experienced staff member with community access activities either being 1:1 support or group support please contact our management team to find out more how Omega Support Group can help or alternatively you can request an application for support form via email for our management team to look closely into the support requirements ensuring the staff member allocated is suitable and can commit to providing ongoing support. We at Omega Support Group know it is important that the individual receiving support has consistency of staff for relationship building and trust.

All of our staff have been checked against a number of mandatory checks with the most important the Disability Worker Exclusion List (DWEL) managed by the Department of Health and Human Services.