Why Choose Omega

Omega Support Group is a medium size company whose main focus is providing a quality service rather than a quantity service. Currently Omega has 100+ active casual staff that provides quality support to people living with disabilities across Victoria. Omega Support Group prides us on filling the gaps left by the larger organisations in the field.

We begin by following our recruitment guidelines ensuring the staff employed meets all Omega Support Groups selection criteria. Our thorough interview process ensures we only employ highly trained, professional and committed staff.

Beyond employing professional and committed staff, Omega Support Group is also proud to boast a culturally diverse staffing pool that bring a vast range of personal and life experiences to their work.

Omega Support Group is recognised at spending time matching staff to individual’s ensuring their needs can be met and not in allocating staff to just have a shift filled, this is unfair for the client, staff, Service Providers, families or carers as it sets people up to fail. Omega Support Group was designed to address the needs of people – not the needs of a business; for this reason we understand the importance of successful client-staff interaction.